Magento Development Services

Magento Development Services

Magento development services are very crucial for any ecommerce website. If you have an ecommerce website and you need to develop your website with any open source web platforms like Magento, Shopify or Woocommerce. Among all of the opensource web platforms Magento has more votes than the others due to its flexibility, features that can be useful to create any comple ecommerce website easily, and mainly it is an open source where any one use this platform.

Many ecommerce web development companies provide services such as below:
• Magento Development
• Migration to Magento
• Magento Upgradation

Now let us discuss in detail about all the above points.

Magento Development: Magento development is like developing your ecommerce website right from scratch level or may be redesigning your website by hiring Magento Certified Developers. These Magento Certified developers have a sound knowledge on the ecommerce platforms and can develop any complex website easily through open source Magento platform.

Migration to Magento: You have great chance to move your current ecommerce website to Magento easily. Only it takes few hours to install, configure and set-up your website in Magento. If you have migrated to Magento, then you can easily modify all the website categories and products without a help of certified developers. You can do on your own all these if you are atleast aware of few technical aspects of Magento admin panel.

Magento admin panel is user friendly and can be understood very easily. And moreover you can configure everything within the admin panel. Like Integration Google Analytics (all you have to do is add the UA Google Analytics number in the Admin Panel by navigation to System >> Configuration >> Google API and you can see the Google Analytics tab in there. Just copy paste it in the provided box and click Save.

You can also create Sitemap.xml easily through the Magento Admin panel by just navigating to the Sitemap section and just click create sitemap. And you are done with the sitemap creation. Magento automatically creates a sitemap for you. In order to test whether if your sitemap has created or not just go to the browser address bar and type your domain by adding sitemap.xml at the end of the URL and hit enter. You’ll a page loading with sitemap. These are the only few examples there are many such features in Magento Admin Panel.

Magento Upgradation: Upgrading to high versions of Magento is very mandatory as you can avail the best features from Magento. Now there is a latest ugrade came up recently which is Magento 2.0 and it is recommended to upgrade to your ecommerce Magento website to the new version. If you upgrade to new versions of Magento then your website would benefit with extra new features and configurations. Many companies provide Magento upgrade services you can hire and upgrade your eCommerce website.